Principal  Mrs. Rupinder Kaur  
Once again, its that time of the year, when one evaluates the achievements, recapitulates one work alone and measures the success earned. At Marigold Public School  Hoshiarpur  I feel  we have achieved a landmark We shall redeem its pledge to provide quality education, comprehensive in nature, geared for  the growth of intellect and which instills strength of character,  for the future generations of our country.

I also  think that at the root of the progress and evolution of Marigold Public School Hoshiarpur is our commitment to inculcate amongst our students, the ethics and the right code of conduct and a value system inherently Indian; symbolic of our rich heritage and culture; fused with a global outlook. These ingredients, I feel, are necessary for achieving academic excellence, overall personality development and are the basis for character formation. The result, is for all to see.

We provide fully equipped laboratory for physics, chemistry, biology and computer science We also have a rooms for dance and music's library  for enriching the knowledge and providing information to our students and teachers.

Our school subscribes to the adage, a healthy body hoses a healthy mind: so for sports and recreation, the school  has a big ground.

An institution cannot be providing if it moves in isolation. We at  Marigold Public School  Hoshiarpur have firm faith in  EQUITY WITH EXCELLENCE  and to fulfill our commitment to the society we have opened  our doors to meritorious but visually challenged and poor students who want to study in the main station. We are providing free books.

I take this opportunity to thank all the parents who have helped us in this Endeavour and I also congratulate our staff and students for their hard work  and commitment to this cause.

I hope, with the combined effort of m team, goodwill of our friends and blessing of our patrons, our school will  continue to evolve consistently. 


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