Children cannot be one dimensional. The ability to speak, express and perform in a shortcut distinction. A quality next to studies, will be a significant contributor to their success in later years. That is why in our school there is a perfect balance between studies and activities. Each student is encouraged to excel in other activities. For the purpose of activities the school is divided into four houses- RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW. All the festivals, important days and events are celebrated in the morning assemblies by respective houses. Students are taught leadership skills by offering opportunities to them to perform in morning assemblies. Apart from this, various competitions, cultural, theme based programmes, quiz etc are organized for the students by all the houses, because we want our students to be tough and impactful for future. We have science fair in the school. Craft exhibition, painting, exhibition, cooking, table setting and many competitions relating to house hold are organised even boys are to take part in cooking competitions


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